Top 50 Christian Video Sites

As with any other study, the Internet is home to Christian videos that can inform, educate and expand your knowledge about Christianity, Bible studies and the Christian way of life. The following top 50 Christian video sites include portals that contain videos, video sites that contain a wide variety of video options, sermons and Bible studies, music videos and even Christian game sites. Often, these sites also contain reviews, social networking systems and community.

The videos are listed in alphabetical order within each category.


  1. 3 Angels3 Angels Tube provides video on demand and live programming that proclaim the three Angels messages and the beliefs of the Seventh – day Adventist Church to the world.
  2. Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) uses television and the Internet to proclaim the Good News to 218 nations and territories, with programs and content translated into 67 languages.
  3. Crosswalk offers a wide variety of Christian material, but this link leads straight to their video ministries.
  4. GodTube is a video sharing platform offering online Christian videos with faith-based, family friendly content. Users include individuals, groups, churches, ministries and bands.
  5. Jesus Clips offers support for community members as well as videos on many Christian topics.
  6. Jesus Is My Cornerstone scours the net to bring great Christian video content and sermons to you from YouTube, GoogleVideo, Y!Video, Grouper, Revver and every other corner of the web.
  7. MyFaith offers Christian music, church and ministry materials and personal videos from other Christians.
  8. Plugged In is a product produced by Focus on the Family. You can find video and movie reviews, music and culture clips and more — all geared toward the family.
  9. Tangle is an online community for Christians, so it includes information and tools other than videos. However, that is a main theme, and this link leads to that portion of the site.
  10. TheJesusTV is a place for Christians to share their faith through videos, music, pictures, documents and flash games. This link leads to their videos.
  11. Ultimate Tube is a place where Christians from around the world can share Christ in new way, using video, forums and “Broadcast Him Alone.”

Christian TV

  1. Christian TVChristian TV offers live events, downloads, video and audio. This link leads to their video selections.
  2. Christian WebTV offers Christian broadcasting to viewers via computer and television. All video is offered in Flash.
  3. Cross TV is a Christian television production ministry that has created a unique programming series called Word Pictures, designed to address biblical subjects in a video format.
  4. DOers TV is a free Christian TV network online with 21 channels of free TV that runs continuously with programming.
  5. God TV offers Christian television, but it also offers top video on demand for viewers. Enjoy ministry, music and testimony at any time on your computer.
  6. His Channel provides live Christian TV, prayers and video on demand. The link here leads to the video offerings.
  7. LightSource is one of the leading providers of Christian video content on the Internet. Watch your favorite Christian broadcasters any time, at your convenience.
  8. My Christian Net Space is a place to find and share Christian video and audio content.
  9. North Point TV with Andy Stanley is now one of the fastest growing and most influential Christian organizations in America.
  10. Sky Angel is Christ-centered inspirational television service that can be viewed on your TV or PC.
  11. Streaming Faith is the world’s largest provider of Internet broadcast services to faith-based organizations.
  12. Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) offers 24 hours of commercial-free inspirational programming that appeal to people in a wide variety of Protestant, Catholic and Messianic Jewish denominations.

Christian Music Videos

  1. Best Christian Music VideosBest Christian Music Videos and Sermons offers music videos along with a selection of video sermons.
  2. Breathe Cast offers music, events and interviews, movies and more. This link leads to the music videos.
  3. Christian Music Videos is dedicated to Christian music and carries biographies, music label categories and Christian radio stations.
  4. CMSpin, or Christian Music Spin, provides music videos as well as new releases, reviews and artist information. This link leads to the music videos.
  5. Gospel City offers news, artists, music, hip-hop, interviews and more, including videos. This link leads straight to the video section of this site.
  6. Hear it First bills itself as the best in class, definitive online destination for the Christian music fan. Enjoy videos, photos and audio streams, genre sections, artist pages and much more.
  7. Jesus Freak Hideout offers tons of music videos, along with reviews, community and an artist database.
  8. NewReleaseTuesday is kept running through a number of incredible volunteers who are passionate about Christian music. NRT is dedicated to introducing new titles weekly.
  9. Praise Videos is an online Christian music social network that is faith-based and family friendly. View the latest music videos that are God-focused and inspiring.
  10. Today’s Christian Music provides galleries of contemporary Christian music videos.
  11. Y’all Wire carries Christian music videos, and this link takes you straight to music by artists such as Casting Crows and Chris Tomlin.


  1. Christian Computer GamesChristian Computer Games is geared toward kids, with video games, Bible stories and Bible games.
  2. Christian Gaming is trying to be a place where Christians can go to get information about all types of gaming, particularly online, computer and console games built with a Christian world view.
  3. Gamers 4 Jesus was created to provide a safe place for Christians to play and fellowship on the Internet.
  4. Kid Explorers provides many games for children, including video options. They also provide Christian reviews of video games and computer games.
  5. My Bible Games bills itself as the Internet’s first Christian video game site. All games are based upon Flash.

Sermons and Ministry

  1. Cbcg Video SermonsCbcg Video Sermons is a format for Fred Coulter’s words. With a ministry now spanning 44 years, Fred Coulter is on a God-inspired mission to preserve the truth of God for the next generation of faithful Christians.
  2. EZ2FindSermons can take you directly to a video sermon from churches from around the country that offer video sermons and church services archived at their sites.
  3. Free Bible Commentary provides an entire list of videos on specific verses and Biblical commentary.
  4. Livingway Christian Fellowship offers video sermons as well as a photo gallery, prayer requests, outreach and more. This link leads to the sermons.
  5. Lompoc Valley Baptist Church offers a series of video sermons preached by a wide variety of ministers.
  6. Prayer Hour offers a list of ministry videos from Pastor Shepherd.
  7. Searchable Sermons is a gift from a teaching ministry, offered by North Coast Church in Vista, California.
  8. Sermon Central provides video sermons as well as illustrations, PowerPoint presentations and an online Bible.
  9. provides a format for over 17,000 churches to upload video sermons, creating one of the largest sermon libraries online.
  10. Traditional Catholic Sermons range from 11-minute to 29-minute sermons offered by leaders in the Catholic Church.
  11. TV Bible Study provides 73 videos, each 30-minutes long. They also carry outlines you can download and audio-only lessons.

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