50 Awesome YouTube Videos Every Bible Scholar Should Watch

The Bible is an interesting book, filled with stories about God’s dealings with man. The Bible offers interesting information and religious truth for Bible scholars and non-scholars alike. Understanding the Bible takes years of study, something that is not surprising, considering the many complexities of the Bible, from its historical record, to its parables, to the language used. It is not surprising that there are Bible colleges and scholars that can spend lifetimes pouring over this tome. If you are interested in learning more about the Bible, here are 50 YouTube videos that can provide you with insight and information.


A look at some of the history surrounding the Bible. It is not always as straightforward as you might think.

  1. Banned from the Bible: An interesting look at what made it into the Bible, and what didn’t. A great look at rejected books of the Bible and why they were not included. Includes 12 parts.
  2. Who Wrote the Bible?: An interesting History Channel look at who wrote the Bible, and puts it into cultural context. A fascinating 12-part series.
  3. Discovery of the real Noah’s Ark: An interesting look at a site that many believe is the site of Noah’s Ark.
  4. History of Bible!: Lecture by Bible scholar Bart D. Erhman, offering a look at traditions related to the Bible, and some of the history involved with the writing of the Bible. Lecture in 10 parts.
  5. History of The English Bible and Reformation: An interesting look at the reformation and the emergence of Protestantism, and the history of the English version of the Bible.
  6. The English Reformation: Another look at the Bible from a Protestant standpoint. Six parts.
  7. Love & Sex In The Bible: Presentation from the History Channel about the way love was handled in the Bible.
  8. The Forbidden Book: History of the Bible: A seven-part look at the history of the Bible, and some of its origins.
  9. The Origin of the Bible: A great and interesting preview (in two parts) about the origins of the Bible.
  10. The Bible’s Buried Secrets: A look at the Bible, understanding how it came to be, and some of the history behind the Bible.
  11. Christian Origins and the New Testament: An interesting look at the way the Bible (especially the New Testament) influences our lives today.
  12. Orthodoxy & Scripture 3A: History of the New Testament: An interesting look at the history of the New Testament, and how canons are put together.
  13. Judaism, Christianity and the Dead Sea Scrolls: An interesting look at these relatively recent discoveries, which are considered as being related to the Bible.


The Bible contains many prophecies. Learn more about Biblical prophecy — and how it is coming to pass.

  1. Final Events of Bible Prophecy: A look at some of the prophecies related to the end of the world.
  2. Amazing Facts: The USA in Bible Prophecy: A multiple-part look at the presence of the U.S. in Biblical prophecy.
  3. News Headlines and Bible Prophecy: Looks at the headlines we see in the news, and how they relate to Bible prophecy.
  4. OT Prophecy in the NT: Isaiah 7:14: Part of a series of Old Testament prophecies quoted in the New Testament.
  5. Last Days Timeline-Where do we stand today as far as Revelation goes?: Interesting timeline of the prophecies in Revelation.
  6. Daniels Timeline: Another timeline of prophecy, this time in the book of Daniel. 12 part look at the timeline.
  7. The Mystery of Prophetic Time: This three part look at prophetic time, and learn about how to interpret prophecy.
  8. Understanding Bible Prophecy: A look at how you can learn to understand prophecies in the Bible, and looking at interpretations of prophetic events.
  9. 7 Seals of Revelation – Signs for Today: Learning to identify events in Revelation and the purpose of Bible prophecy.
  10. Bible Prophecy in the News: Rebuilding of the Jewish Temple: A look at some of the signs of of the end times, based on Biblical prophecy.
  11. Bible Prophecy vs. History: A look at some of the passages of Bible prophecy in Daniel, and how the predictions came to pass.
  12. You Can Understand Bible Prophecy: David Asscherick helps you learn how you can understand Bible prophecy in this seven-part series.


You find commandments and direction for living a better life, more acceptable to God. Here are some interesting and inspiring sermons related to the Bible.

  1. Why Does God Allow Pain and Suffering?: An interesting sermon addressing one of the most common concerns of believers.
  2. Why Do Bad Things Happen to God’s People: An inspiring sermon about why bad things happen to good people.
  3. Faith Without Works is Dead: This online sermon addresses the issue of faith and works.
  4. What is Faith: An interesting sermon about faith, in multiple parts.
  5. Faith, Forgiveness and a Fig Tree: Third part in a sermon about faith and forgiveness.
  6. Roger Jimenez Preaching on Fasting: A great Biblical sermon on fasting in multiple parts.
  7. Fasting the Bible Way: Another great sermon series on fasting.
  8. How Did God Save Us?: A great Bible based sermon on how we are saved.
  9. Dr. Charles Stanley – Unpardonable Sin: An interesting sermon on the sin that cannot be pardoned.
  10. Why Am I Here? Why Did God Make Me?: Answering the questions that many people ask with the help of Bible.
  11. What Is Love?: A biblical look at love.
  12. Psalm 73 Sermon Video: A great intro to a sermon on the 73rd psalm.
  13. The Great Struggle: A sermon on the struggle of life.
  14. Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled: A great sermon on Jesus’ words of peace.
  15. God So Loved The World: A wonderful sermon on John 3:16.
  16. Sermon on the Mount: Bible study related to the Sermon on the Mount.
  17. Sermon Writing Tips: Great video offering tips on how you can write a Bible based sermon.

Arguments Against the Bible

Every Bible scholar should be armed with what non-believers say. Here are some videos that offer counter-arguments to the Bible. Watch, and use what you know to think of how you might answer such arguments with faith and belief.

  1. Proving that God’s Plan is Impossible: A look at why some believe that God’s plan can’t be possible.
  2. The Top 10 Why the Bible is Repulsive: Another look at what some believe that the Bible is full of problems.
  3. The Bible Inconsistencies! Contradictions!: Multi-part series on some of the inconsistencies in the Bible.
  4. Bible quotes that are evil, and wrong: A look at some Bible quotes that might be taken out of context.
  5. The Evil Bible: Look at why some believe the Bible is wrong.
  6. Is the Bible perfect?: An interpretation of why the Bible may not be perfect in some eyes.
  7. What Do We Know About the Bible Authors?: A look at who wrote the Bible, and why they may not be reliable in some eyes.
  8. Bible Bullsh*t: An episode on the purported scientific inaccuracy of the Bible.

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