Top 10 Iphone Apps for Christians and Bible Scholars

Several iPhone applications on Christian’s faith like different translations of the Bible in downloadable form, scriptures and prayers for the Christian religion or its sub – sect, the Roman Catholics, Christian entertainment like the music, calendar marking all important Christian days, etc have now been made available in a bid to make the Christian faith more far reaching and easy to understand. Here are some of the apps;

What are the top 10 apps for Christian and Bible scholars?

These apps are arranged in categories according to their features and range from apps costing some money to free apps. Here are the top ten apps most common in the Christian faith.

  • The King scripture which was last read and leave teaching for reference purposes among other things that this application can perform.
  • KJV Bible Audio book: This is one of the large apps and therefore requires your patience when downloading because it takes time. With this app you can read, listen or both, whichever you prefer in the King James Version of the Bible in one of the most comfortable Bible experiences.
  • The Bible: this app offers you the option of interfering with the King James Version features the way you would like them to be, i.e. you can manipulate the font and color, and you can also conduct an auto scroll or search. You can also highlight the best scriptures you would like to remember.
  • Prayer list: with this app you can privately store your prayers, put images to your various prayer requests and customize your own list.
  • EZPray: choose a prayer that is right with your needs from a list of prayers from the 14 saints of Christianity using this app.
  • Daily Bible audio: this app enables you to access a Bible scripture daily in audio or visual form. it has been categorized in various headings like safety, peace, and children etc for you to choose from.
  • Prayer: This is a prayer app which enables you to receive common prayers in English from the congregation of the Catholic Church catechism.
  • Mysticism, Christian, and Buddhist: this app takes you through the Christian mysticism together with comparison of the same with the Buddhism mysticism, and drawing parallels of the two doctrines.
  • Pagan & Christian creeds: This app takes you down memory lane exploring the start of the religion and the subsequent development of the Christian religion and other facts of Christian faith, like its relations with other faiths and with the creed of the people of yore.
  • Questions to God: Get 200 questions to stimulate your mind to meditate about Christianity. The questions will no doubt get you thinking and appreciating the enormity of faith as the building block to the Christian faith matter.

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